We are the Annual Water Treatment Technology Conference have the owner to present ourselves to you. We are belonging to Abu Qir Fertilizers Co. Alexandria Egypt as a main organizer.

The Abu Qir Fertilizers Company is one of the largest Nitrogen fertilizers production complexes, It is located on the coast of Abu Qir bay 20km east Alexandria, It was established in 1975 as a private join stock company, It comprises three plants producing 6000 tons daily, Urea periled, Ammonium nitrate granulated & Urea granulated, The number of the employee is 3000, The company dominates the domestic market by 70% & has vast export potential market. The company was granted the ISO 9001 & 14001 certificate .

Abu Qir fertilizers Co. is holding its 34th. Water Treatment Technology Conference on 29-31 March 2022 in FOUR SEASONS HOTEL, San Stefano , Alexandria, Egypt.

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Technical Committee

The Committee offers the technical support to companies and organizations to solve their problems.


We are organizing an exhibition presenting equipments & chemicals for treating water – measuring & controlling instruments.

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Abu Qir fertilizers Co. is holding its 34th Water Treatment Technology Conference on 29-31 March 2022 in FOUR SEASONS HOTEL, San Stefano , Alexandria, Egypt.

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It would be our pleasure to invite you and your company to participate in our : 34th. Annual Water Treatment Technology Conference

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Work Shop 2019

  • The new technology by DUPONT, seawater fouling resistance membrane

    Eng. Hardik Pandya

    DuPont Water Solutions

  • Kurita's capabilities in Desalination

    Mr. Oscar Bermudo


  • Corrosion resistant using rubber lining technology

    Mr. Emad Hafny

    Engineer Company For Rubber Products & Marine Works

  • Nalco water TCO Approach

    Mr. Sunil Walse

    Mr. Orazio Ilario


About Conference

Up till last year 2019 we held 33 conferences. Our conference is dealing with industrial water treatment technology including :

  • Ion Exchange Operation & Maintenance and Trouble Shooting.
  • Desalination Treatment Technology Operation & Maintenance (E.D.R., E.D.I., R.O., Membranes).
  • Boiler Water Treatment (Chemical treatment best practices, operation guidelines).
  • Cooling Water Treatment, Technology and Trouble Shooting .
  • Wastewater treatment, Water Recycle and reuse, Zero Discharge, industries specific problems .
  • Environment Impact Assessment .
  • Case Study and Trouble Shooting.
  • How to reduce the cost of water treatment.

Our yearly attendees are a good selection from industrial experts from different industrial fields (e.g. chemicals-fertilizers- petroleum-petrochemicals- medicine- electric generating-water desalinating…etc)., academy professors, industrial companies for producing water treatment chemicals and facilities.

In addition to conference we are organizing an exhibition presenting equipments-chemicals for treating water-measuring controlling instruments for operation system.

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